Aklan 17.08.2019
 Aklan Research Paper

п»їWest Visayas State School

College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School

La Paz, Iloilo City


eleven October 2013

Time Reached Aklan:

almost 8: 10 ARE

Time Arrived at Iloilo:

five: 30 EVENING

Places went to (in chronological order):

1 ) Central Panay College of Science and Technology,

2 . Aklan Provincial Capitol,

a few. Aklan Polytechnic College,

4. Aklan National Senior high school for Arts and Trades,

your five. Aklan State University,

6. Local Science High school graduation for Area VI (RSHS-VI),

six. Saint Gabriel College*, and

8. Delacruz Commence of Organization and Industry

* St Gabriel School was a exclusive school near Regional Research High School to get Region VI (RSHS-VI), so we made a decision to leave brochures in the Principal's Office. Contact Persons to get future correspondence:

1 . Aklan Polytechnic College

Telephone Figures: (036) 268-9383, (036)262-3203, (036) 262-5751, (036) 268-5112, (036) 262-4628 Fax No .: (036) 262-4628

EMail Add: [email protected] com

Mrs. Mercy Reontoy (Human Resources Office): 09289660867

2 . Local Science High school graduation:

Telephone Number: (036) 268-4730

3. Delacruz Commence of Organization and Market

Mrs. Mopia (Academic Affairs): 09189627574

Setting of travel:

Iloilo - Aklan; Aklan - Iloilo: Ceres Shuttle bus (air conditioned)

Between colleges: tricycles

Remarks/ Impressions during conversations:

My spouse and i. The primary problems of potential students are: 1 . cost and 2 . time. 2. There are numerous educators in senior high school and university who have no Master's degree. Some experienced completed academics requirements. The thought of the holding (as made available by Doctor Torre throughout the GS meeting): When the concept of the range was broached during interactions, the teachers/administrators at universities in Aklan visited were amenable. Many potential consortia were suggested: 1 . Aklan State College or university (ASU), installment payments on your Regional Research High School, and Delacruz Commence of Organization and Market. This pool would resolve the two primary...

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