Copy Approach Naturness

 Copy Approach Naturness Dissertation


Infant nourishment

Brand copy strategy NaturNes

1 . Competitive context




Lot of Newborn nutrition brands on the People from france market (89

on but the many

famous are Nestlé and its main competitor Bledina.

2 . Communication and business

chance for the brand

Nestlé is the second seed on the market yet NaturNes really does

not boost so much as with year 1 & two even if its first

conversation had a great effect on revenue and satisfied

the brand.


Increase their market share as a result of

households wherever their products are generally not

present however

Now, organic and natural brands since Hipp Biologique or BabyBio are

also present.

a few. Communication aim

¤  Demonstrate the importance of NaturNes

inside the development of babies' health

capital, not only for anxious or mentoring

moms but also for father and mother who are much less

aware of the necessity for healthy and

specific meals for babies

4. Concentrate on

¤  Father and mother of babies between absolutely no and three

years and particularly:

The net generation with 1st kid at the

regarding 30, really emotional


5. Understanding


Moms who want to use a good night time with a

baby who naps well during the night


Solitary parents

N°1: " A good night is definitely an essential instant for child's growth and brain development” N°2: " The night is a crucial time for a baby, usually do not disturb this! ”

six. Brand idea



¤  Functional benefit


Good digestive function of NaturNes products => Consequence: Good sleep for both equally babies and parents!

¤  Psychological benefit

Moms feel good because their children will not wake up each of the night as well as mothers let them have a natural meals with healthful benefits.

¤  Reason to think

How to support babies to rest well? is one of the main preoccupation of parents currently because they are mindful of the importance of the night intended for both development for babies and snooze for parents.

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