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Biological Criminal Behavior

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CJA/314 Criminology

Nov 5, 2014

John Ferrante

A lot of may question why people kill. Some people say biology plays a role in that. Others say that people eliminate because they need to but additional will argue and declare people destroy because of the approach they were brought up. All instances are different, people are different. And so we cannot say many people are the same. For example someone that robs a store and ends up killing someone would be different from someone just heading out killing someone, or killing someone coming from a difference.

In the matter of Andrea Yates, she killed her five children by drowning all in the bathtub in her home. Her children ranging from the ages of 6 months to 7 years outdated. Mary the youngest 6 months, Luke two, Paul several, John five, and Noah 7. Andrea Yates drowned her children one by one inside the bathtub in 2001 in their home.

After Hazel Yates wiped out her children it came out that was on medicine , was frustrated, and have been depressed for a long period. Before this happening, the girl had attempted to kill their self in 1999 by simply overdosing by her father's medications. She was diagnosed with major depressive disorder now. She told her psychiatrist at that time she was hearing noises and finding visions once again about obtaining a knife. The girl began to leave sores on her behalf legs and scratch upon herself.

Doctors aware against having more children, Andrea got Mary in late 2000. The lady started to experience several attacks of psychotic hallucination, made it two suicide attempts, used a number of different medicine and been diagnosed in a number of institutions with major despression symptoms. Now she gets five kids to look after, three of them that were still in pampers. She also got post-partum together with everything.

In Donna Yates head she assumed that she was keeping her children, that by drowning her children they will go to nirvana. That would be the sole place wherever they would always be safe. When ever...

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