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1 . Introduction – About mentoring3

2 . Coaching programmes3

three or more. Conclusions and recommendations5

some. References5


" Coaching is to support and encourage people to control their own learning in order that they may possibly maximise their very own potential, develop their abilities, improve their efficiency and become the person they want to always be. " Richard Parsloe, the Oxford School of Mentoring & Coaching.

Coaching can have got multiple functions for each of our organisation as support the talent supervision process, enabling personal and professional progress individuals, support career organizing and creation process, supplying knowledge copy and advice from more knowledgeable colleague to a less skilled one. Coaching can also provide a role model and provide connections and use of different opportunities for the mentee. A mentoring romantic relationship is not really restricted to one of these purposes nevertheless can label one or more of them, facilitating the exploration of demands, motivations and skills of people. The real benefit of the coaching process is that mentors and mentees can work together using different models of mentoring that best suits their needs. Mentoring programmes

Our company' strategy is always to maintain its placement of head on gambling market in an exceedingly competitive environment. As we know, one of each of our strategic objectives is to develop our people in order to meet the group strategy that is why We consider a coaching programme will help us to be able to transfer great practices and knowledge from our senior fellow workers to jr . ones especially to those who were just advertised on a outstanding position.

Recently, three of our collegues from the Bucharest Sales team had been promoted to managerial positions and faced already different challenges in shops activity' coordination, particularly with the shop operators. For them, I...

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2 .


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