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п»ї Cons of plastic surgery

In this cutting-edge technology to the speedy development of society, people today enjoy

a higher standard of living. As a result, the number of people that did cosmetic surgery

can be increasing, nevertheless , there have many disadvantages also. The three cons of plastic

medical procedures are chance of death, imperfect result and addiction.

In the first place, plastic surgery is very dangerous and simple to trigger death. For instance, a

girl called Wang Bei, she was obviously a singer in China. the lady died after cosmetic surgery in 2010

and the lady was just 24 years old. She just want to bone her face, yet died because of the

blood loss. I felt very annoyed when I read this unhappy news. In the event she did not try to do the

plastic surgery, her your life will be more wonderful. Moreover, issues can make

people die. Some people allergic to medicine or saline, then they will be forbidden to complete

Plastic surgery, because the technique of surgery will require their lives. Occasionally, people

die is due to your doctor by mistakes. Maybe a few doctors will be novices, they cannot

know how to operate, ultimately causing a big eyesight and a small eye. An additional guess that the

doctor perhaps incredibly nervous and shake his hands, produce a lot of bacteria enter the

body, this is a sort of reason that individuals will die after plastic surgery. And so possibility of

death is a biggest risk in plastic cosmetic surgery.

Secondly, the effect of plastic surgery is definitely not very best. If you take a photo of

Rihanna to looking for a cosmetic surgeon and declare you want to become Rihanna, the

cosmetic surgeon can guarantee that you appear to be Rihanna in the foreseeable future? The answer need to

be no . One of the most popular example is usually Michael Jackson. He not merely make the

skin from your black in to white, nevertheless also associated with nose straight up and quite. As you

know, this individual experienced plastic surgery many times in the life, as they never satisfied

with all the current. Certainly, the imperfect result is definitely one downside...

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