Compare/Contrast Works of Edgar Allan Poe

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 CompareContrast Works of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

Javier Landeros

Compare/Contrast Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe's view on poems is that all poems must be a creation of beauty. In his eyes, depression and sadness can be beautiful. This individual thinks the death of your young gorgeous woman is usually itself full of beauty. Poe's way of beauty is a original compared to other poets and writers. In both " Annabel Lee" and " The Raven", Poe publishes articles about this alleged beauty.

In " Annabel Lee", a young man is grieving the fatality of a gorgeous young lady. Although the woman got died a while ago, the man is still in melancholy. He misses her terribly and constantly considers of how she was the lady was unfortunately taken from him by the angels who were envious of their love, and by her family who also didn't think the this individual himself was capable of bringing her to a final resting place. He loved Annabel Lee more than any other human can love another. " And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the aspect of my darling, my life and my own bride, in her sepulcher there by sea, in her tomb by the side of the marine. " This quote displays how much this man adored her, by simply sleeping next to the burial place every night.

In " The Raven", a person, most likely more aged than the man in " Annabel Lee", mourns the fatality of his love to whom he named " Lenore". Lenore, just like Annabel Shelter, had died several years previously. In " The Raven", man hears tapping on his chamber door and sees the curtains slowly unsteadiness. He feels that it may be no apart from Lenore. However for him though, it is just but a bird. A huge, black bird known as the Raven. A raven is usually symbolized as anything dark and sinister. Through the entire poem, the man is tormented by his dropped love, Lenore, who came back in the form of a Raven.

Although the guys in these two stories are similar because they both mourn for their family and friends, they are also different. The man in " The Raven" could possibly be sad regarding his lost, but his love simply cannot compare to regarding the man in " Annabel Lee”. During these two...

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