Cost Piece of Amul

 Cost Piece of Amul Essay

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Campus: | Chennai| Year/semester| 2010-2012 – II Semester| Level: | ACL II| Project Type| Assignment B

Module Name: | Costing MIS & Budgetary Control| Assessor's Name| Prachi mam | Present student's Name: | B Simanchala Patro| Reqd Submission Date| 15-06-2012| e-mail id & Mob No| Simanchala. [email protected] com9861634747| Actual Submission Date| 20-06-2012| Stream| Business | Submitted to: | Prachi mam

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Plagiarism is known as a serious School offence. W Simanchala Patro I approve that this is definitely my own function. I have referenced all relevant materials. (Student's Name/Signatures)

Expected Outcomes| Assessment Criteria| Class based on D, M, L, R system| Feedback| Standard Parameters

Quality | Obvious understanding of the concept| |

Analytical Thinking- | Capacity to analyze the challenge realistically| | | Analysis Done- | Research performed to solve the problem| | | Format & Presentation- | Concise& clear considering along with presentation| | | Subject matter Specific Parameters

1 ) Understanding the methods of Costing| Clarity of concept| | | 2 . To be able to estimate the unit expense and put together costing Income & Loss statement| Accurate in cost calculation and preparation of cost sheet| |

Grades| Level Descriptors| Achieved Yes/No (Y / N)

P| A Complete grade is achieved by appointment all the requirements defined. | | M| Identify & apply strategies/techniques to find appropriate solutions| | D| Illustrate convergent, lateral and creative work. |

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SUGGESTED MAKE-UP PLAN (applicable in case the student is asked to re-do the assignment)| | REVISED ASSESSMENT GRADE|


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Assignment B

Ques 1: Every student will probably be given among the under pointed out industry for assignment function.

* Manufacturing Industry

* Medical center Industry

* IT Sector

* Transportation Industry

The scholars will have to check out a company in the assigned market, meet the Accounts person is to do the following: -

a. Find out and understand the Cost procedures followed by the organization. b. When possible get a sample of price sheet or perhaps Statement of Accounts

A presentation within the above and recommendation pertaining to areas of improvement has to be made.

Ques 2:

1 . Discuss the thought of marginal costing as a key for managing problems. 2 . The following is the trading and profit and loss bank account of M/s Prem Industries for 12 months ended 23 st March 2000.

To Material consumed| 708000| В | By simply Sales 30000 units| 1500000| To Direct wages| 371000| В | By simply Finished Share (1000 units)| 40000| To Works overhead| 213000| В | By work-in-progress| В | To Administration overheads| 95500| В | Material| 17000| To Selling & circulation overheads| 113500| В | Wages| 8000| To Net income for the year| 69000| В | Performs Overhead| 5000| В | В | В | В | В


| 1570000| В | В | 1570000

That manufactures a standard device, the company's price records demonstrate that:

a. Work overhead had been charged to work-in-progress at 20% about prime price. b. Supervision overheads have been recovered as Rs. a few per completed unit. c. Selling and distribution expenses have been retrieved as Rs. 4 every unit offered. d. The under-absorbed or perhaps over-absorbed expenses have not recently been adjusted in the costing G & L a/c.

Put together:

1 . A costing income & damage account...

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