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installment payments on your 1 Introduction

Economy may be the necessity of the consumers along with gain the most credit for it. In that way our superlative advancement of " VIVO” light has its own personal history that has originated the highest solution for the community these times. By this time, all should have recognized the unreasonable news regarding the ‘rising of electric bill'. One could rarely expect one to accept the problem. Especially people that live in locations where there's none electricity neither power supply. You will find people who frequently go for ambitious trips exactly where they are greatly in need of mild. Lighting with less capacity is always not an effective way to hold the sunshine.

There lies the condition but not without a solution a simple a single. In this situation our team had a technical advanced resource installed up with the answer. It is non-e other than the " VIVO”- LED standard rechargeable light itself. It has the power of luminescence that will continuously last long hours. As just included the company, the company is in the toddler stage. Additional we hope to distinguish it while legal quickly


2 . a couple of Vision Statement

" We develop the solutions away from expectations based upon cutting edge systems interlinked with economy and ecology. ”

2 . several Mission Affirmation

" To be the leading integrated system and lights dealer to the global to the mini electronics industry and to present complete energy saving solutions to customers for their lighting needs and providing total customer satisfaction with our highly innovative and budget-friendly products. ”

2 . 4 Business Model

We all focus to create one of the necessary products to the consumer with a common product style and size. We have a lot of knowledgeable and talented team to produce each of our initial set of production. With the mean time we target to market each of our products through direct marketing tool. Because we feel Door Stage marketing might facilitate all of us to approach each and every buyer individually. All of us mainly focus our item with superior quality and the romance with our consumers by providing better service. Also we hope this will likely create a principal value intended for our company. In future really is endless to spread our product to Sri Lanka, island vast.


a few. 1 Features

The product will be designed based on the emerging technology of Light Emitting Diode (LED). Currently the Sri Lankan market just for this type of product is dominated by imported Lamps from China, which usually mostly includes a florescent tube light inside. As per the market research the problem with these type of lamps happen to be; these provides light workable for maximum of one hour, even if the rechargeable power supply inside is usually charged fully for more than 3 hours. The main contributor for this inefficient efficiency is the florescent tube light fixture used. This lamp will certainly consume good luck than LED lamps. As well as the brightness may also be lower than a five watts Light Giving out Diode (LED). The target clients of the provider's product cannot use these imported lamps for the purpose of studying, working and adventurous travelling.

So their needs will be content with this product because the proposed item will be designed by using many LEDs and a rechargeable battery which is compatible and lightweight. It is efficient to the degree that, it will provide more hours lighting with all the charging time of only that same day and more asking time raises the consumption time.

3. 2 Important Attributes

Organization is about to incorporate two functions inside the product using the LED models. That is the device will have a working mode and a Shiny mode for ease of the user.

Glowing mode:

This mode is a differentiating feature of the company's product from the other lamps. That's where the unit will be supplied with good luck, to the magnitude that the LEDs will function with its full capacity. And so the lamp can be utilised for learning, cooking or travelling in night...

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