Evangelism and Discipleship

 Evangelism and Discipleship Research Paper



Matt 9: 35-38 (NIV) states, Jesus went through all the neighborhoods and neighborhoods, teaching inside their synagogues, stating the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. If he saw others, he had consideration on them, mainly because they were harassed and reliant, like sheep without a shepherd. Then this individual said to his disciples, " The collect is ample but the personnel are couple of. Ask the Lord of the pick, therefore , to send out personnel into his harvest discipline. ” Throughout the lens of the text Our god reveals to us the heart This individual has intended for His people in a shed and battling world. Christ points out to his disciples what we should locate significant today, and that is we have a need and purpose for incorporating evangelism and discipleship into Christian education programs; the harvesting is plenty nevertheless the laborers will be few. Consequently , purposeful actions of virtually any Christian community is to teach and render individuals to become sent in to the harvest to find those looking for, and those that contain yet discovered and comprehension of the need for solution.

Jesus a new passion for individuals who hurt and wanted to find all come to knowledge of His kingdom and His salvation. His ministry is sdpeckled with serves of kindness towards people who needed some the Master's hand. We know that Jesus was filled with consideration for the leper whom approached him and asked to be recovered. The man acknowledged Jesus although everyone else was barking about uncleanliness, although Jesus do the most fantastic and shocking thing: He reached out and touched the person. This guy who had the dreaded disease such as our modern day SUPPORTS, was handled by the One that was not worried. This should be the goal of church buildings today; they should have the way of thinking that we since the God's agents happen to be here to talk and feel people with his passion of Jesus Christ. We should not merely have the motivation to meet persons where they may be, we should be stridently teaching the...

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