Groupthink example

Groupthink example 16.08.2019
 Groupthink case study Essay

Answer 1


Seclusion from the true situation


Group Cohesiveness


Democratic (Consensus seeking)


Not enough Conflict


Idea dropped /Ignored


Lack of impartial Leadership

Find a devils advocate

Encourage everyone to be critical

The leader should not express a preference while beginning thediscussion Create independent organizations

Divide into subgroups

Talk about what is happening with others outside the group

Request other into group to bring fresh suggestions

Collect private reactions

Make use of suggestion box/an online forum

Answers a couple of

The position impacts the group think based onfollowing factors Minority

Dominant majority

The more pleasant to agree rather than dissent

Answers 3

Certainly, encouraging refuse as usual or cultureguards against groupthink. How to overcome Group Think?

-- Be aware of the idea and shield against the chance of it going on. - make sub organizations

- Talk to Other Co-workers

-holding meetings

- Inspire greater diversity of views, experiences and knowledge inside the group - Welcome outsiders into the group or team.

- Continuously change the cosmetic makeup products of a group or staff

- Begin with the individual initial i. electronic. work from the bottom up rather than the top straight down. - The leadership in the group should change

- Can easily have different teams working on the same problem (independent of one another) — this really is sometimes used in the marketing industry of recent business briefs and - Consider one of the most radical options with the same enthusiasm while the usual ones. Overcoming Groupthink can help any kind of team for making better decisions and make more original solutions.

Answer 4

Significant group size

±Less personal responsibility

±More intimidated & hesitant

±Norm for consensus overrides

±Low productivity  large size (social loafing)

±Large size  effective the truth is finding, evaluation



±high production, if desired goals are set upfront

±low productivity, if perhaps goals are generally not set...

Does the language in standardised testing provided to a ethnic or varied group, limit their overall performance on standard testing. Composition




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