History of the World in six Glasses

 History of the earth in six Glasses Essay

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A History worldwide in 6th Glasses: 1st 9 Several weeks

Introduction: Essential Fluids

1 ) Many of them had been used while currecnies, to get religious rites, political emblems, or as souces of philosophical and artistic inspiration. 2 . (my word cushion does not allow me to make graphs, so We've hand attracted it from this area)

Phase 1: A Stone Age Make

1 . The consequences of farming revolution was obviously a turning point. Cultures began centering on making ecart rather than making new meals and crafts, they started to be more modern. 2 . The archaeological evidence that supports the cultivation, collection, storage and processing of cereal cause is as there were not any other foods to makes soup these were able to produce a thicker porridge or a thin broth or gruel. This discovery led to the creation of tools and techniques to accumulate, process, and store wheat. 3. The consequence of farming resulted in food excess. The result was the first long lasting settlements including those established on the asian coast from the mediterranean via around 12, 000 BCE. They contained simple rounded huts with roofs supported by wooden articles and flooring surfaces sunk up to and including yard in to the ground. some. There was never a certain cause of the go for farming. There are theories, that perhaps the quantity of meals available to hunter-gatherers in the fertile crescent reduced, for example , possibly because of climate changes, or because a few species died out or had been hunted to extinction. Another possibility is that sedentary way of living increased human fertility, leading the population to grow. Or once dark beer was uncovered, and its consumption had become socially and ritually important.

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