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Health Care

Ques 1: - Describe in detail healthcare delivery system in India? Ans: - The Healthcare delivery system broadly consists of the subsequent sectors or agencies: -


a) Major Health Care

Principal health organisations.

Sub- Organisations.

b) Hospitals/Health Centres

Community Overall health Centres.

Country hospitals.

District hospitals.

Teaching hospitals.

Expert hospitals.

c) Health Insurance Plans

Workers States Insurance Scheme (ESIS).

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS).

d) Other organizations




a) Private hospitals, polyclinics, dispensaries and nursing homes. b) General Professionals and Treatment centers, Private medical center includes clinics run on income basis, no loss- simply no profit basis and corporate private hospitals.

3. Non-reflex Health Agencies.

4. National Health Programmes.


Primary medical: -

a) Villages level: -

i) Community Health Guideline Scheme: - It was launched on subsequent October, 1977 and launches in all states except Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir. A town health guide is a person with an aptitude to get social solutions and is not really a government functionary. The health guides are mostly girls now. They can be chosen by community by which they work and serve as links among community and governmental system.

Recommendations for their variety are: -

-Should be long lasting residents in the local community.

-Should have minimal formal education of at least upto

NI standard.

-- Should be acceptable to all parts of the community.

-- Should be able to extra at least 2-3 several hours per day intended for

community well being work.

Following selection, they undergo trained in the nearest principal health centre for 200 hours propagates over a period of 3-4 months and obtain Rs 200/- per month.

Responsibilities assigned contains: -

-Treatment of simple medical illnesses and actions in

first aid.

-- Mother and child wellness including relatives planning.

- Health education.

- Sterilization.

ii) Local Dias: -- Under the Countryside Health System, an extensive system has to be performed to train almost all categories of community Dais (traditional birth attendants) to improve all their knowledge inside the elementary concepts of material and child into the sterilization. Schooling is at PHC, Subcentres or perhaps MCH companies for 2 days weekly and leftover 4 days the go with the Health Personnel to the villages. During training each Dai is required to carry out 2 transport under the advice of well being worker, emphasis being on asepsis so that home deliveries are conducted under safe hygiene circumstances thereby lowering maternal and infant mortality.

iii) Anganwadi Workers: - Underneath the integrated Kid Development Support Scheme, there may be an anganwadi workers for each 1000 population and one ICDS project has a thousand anganwadi personnel. The anganwadi worker is usually selected by community she's expected to serve and is been trained in various facets of health, nourishment and child development intended for 4 several weeks. She is paid Rs 200-250/- per month intended for services delivered which include wellness check-up, immunization, supplementary nourishment, health education, nonformal kindergarten education and referral services.

Sub-centre level: - It is the peripheral outpost of the existing health delivery system in rural areas. One sub-centre covers 5000 population generally speaking and one for every 3 thousands population in hilly, tribal and backwards areas. The functions of a sub-centre will be limited to mother and child health care, friends and family planning and immunization.

You will discover 2 functionaries at the amount of the Subcentres: - i) Health Care Man.

ii) Medical care Female.

1 health assistant will supervise the work of 6...

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