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Like Guys 19.08.2019
 Like Guys Essay

" Of all of the nasty outcomes predicted pertaining to women's liberation…none was even more alarming than the suggestion that women would eventually become much like men. ” This offer I thought about it as males are saying that is a bad thing that women COULD be just like men. I actually challenge this quote or the meaning that men are trying to say. I challenge because by way of a physical difference(which means the way they think also) and by the way the boys do what women should be doing and the way women do what men needs to be doing.

" Men are coming from Earth, females are via Earth. Manage it. ” Said George Carlin. Precisely! Now in the event that men will be from globe, and women happen to be from the same place the males are after that why aren't they become just equally? Physical Differences is how women could be like guys, for example in the society we are facing now women are turning androgino, lesbians which will doesn't it mean that they may be likening a similar sex. Same goes for the guys, the guys will be turning androgino and gays(i think they are sick), and yet they presume is bad for women to become like guys. For example from the reading " Be a Guy! ” that said it means:  Be stupid, be unfeeling,  obedient,  and soldierly and prevent thinking. Are they saying that females are the opposing, as being smart, feeling, and disobedient and the like.? Women not necessarily as intelligent as they believe; women not necessarily always feeling, and disobedient. They are saying this the moment women could be stupid could be unfeeling could be obedient and men could possibly be smart, feeling and disobedient. For example my own bowling instructors his dad past apart and he cried which that means he DOES have feelings. " Her wonderfully lofty writing that zips among war, feminism, and politics as immediately as the fighter fliers themselves” explained Virginia Woolf. You see how women could me like men, and there's nothing negative about it.

The fact that men carry out what ladies should be doing and the approach women carry out what men should be performing. People think that men must be doing what men ought to be doing for example fixing autos, working for the family, and etc. Then...

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