Treatment In Julius Caesar

 Manipulation In Julius Caesar Research Paper

Inside the play " Julius Caesar", Shakespeare exhibits his heroes as being sneaky and powerful. This is illustrated in various regions of the play, such as in the beginning when Brutus was altered by Cassius, and then again the moment Antony altered the Roman citizens.

Shakespeare initially introduces the technique of manipulation and persuasion at the beginning of the play through the personality of Cassius. Cassius had sinful plans in his mind and necessary others to participate in this conspiracy against Julius Caesar.

Cassius knew that Brutus had a low self confidence and by improving his confidence he knew that this individual could persuade Brutus to side with him. Cassius then simply brings the good of The italian capital to Brutus' attention with the knowledge that Brutus always wished for to do that which was best for the folks. This allows Cassius to manipulate Brutus into becoming a member of the conspiracy because he addresses very badly of Caesar and explains to him it is for the favorable of the Roman citizens in the event that Caesar was not the ruler.

This was affective because Cassius was well aware that having somebody like Brutus, a friend that Caesar had great value toward, may have many benefits in the conspiracy against Caesar. Cassius says " For whom so firm that can not be seduced? Caesar doth bear me hard; but this individual loves Brutus: If I had been Brutus at this point and he were Cassius, he should not humor me. " William shakespeare shows that Cassius wanted to eliminate Caesar because of personal greed but intentionally made Brutus think having been only doing this for the great of the persons. If Cassius had not convinced Brutus to sign up the conspiracy theory then Brutus would have hardly ever been in the situation of having to kill the noble Julius Caesar.

A form of persuasion that Shakespear uses in this play is by using Portia, the wife of Brutus, and Calpurnia, the wife of Caesar. Equally women through this play knew how to use their very own womanly features to their advantage. Portia employed her like for her hubby and her beauty, to Brutus to find the information your woman wanted. The lady wanted to know what...

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