Mount Olympus

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 Mount Olympus Essay

Mount Olympus

Sacred Destin

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14 January 2

Ms. Jean Wh

Origins & Purpose

• Formed following the Titanomanchy (War of the


• Created to be a meeting and house place for

the 12 Olympians

The Twelve Olympians

• Zeus, king from the gods, goodness of the atmosphere,

lightning, oklahoma city, law, purchase and justice

• Hera, queen from the gods, empress of relationship

and childbirth

The 12 Olympians

• Poseidon, Zeus's brother, our god of the oceans,

earthquakes and tidal waves.

• Hestia Zeus's sis, goddess with the hearth,

family, and domestic life

• Demeter, Zeus's sister, empress of virility,

agriculture, characteristics and periods

The 14 Olympians

• Apollo, Zeus's son, god of light, the sunlight, healing,

trouble, art, music, poetry, archery, manly junior,

and magnificence

• Ares, Zeus's child, god of war, physical violence, and


• Hephaestus, Zeus's son, blacksmith from the gods.

He is the god of fireplace and the move

• Hermes, Zeus's kid, messenger of the gods. He can

the goodness of business, thieves, and games

The Twelve Olympians

• Athena, Zeus's little girl, goddess of wisdom,

handicrafts, defense, and strategic warfare

• Artemis, Zeus's daughter, goddess in the hunt,

virginity, archery, the moon, and animals

• Aphrodite, Zeus's daughter, empress of love,

beauty, and desire

Zeus' Tub

• Attach Olympus includes Zeus's tub

• In which Zeus keeps his famous lightning

bolts, spear, shield, and bald eagle


• Located at the peak of Mytikas

• Where the Olympians often had intense

conversations about men

Mount Meru

• Relevant in Indio,  Jain and Buddhist religions

• A sacred mountain with five peaks recognized to

be the dwelling place of gods

• Functions similarly to Mount Olympus

Relevance in Culture

Two areas that Greek mythology and traditions has inspired and transformed over time are psychology and medicine.

Another area which was influenced simply by mythology is language. Many words in the English language are produced from the myths of the Greeks. For instance, the word " arachnid" is the scientific name for any spider. This is derived from the storyplot of Arachne.


• I would wish to bring back know-how about

each of the Olympians that might be capable to

clarify many of the misconceptions and

misunderstandings of these

• I would really prefer to be able to display others how it is

to be in his campany their favorite god or empress from

Greek mythology


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