Oneness In Humankind

Oneness In Humanity 16.08.2019
 Oneness In Humanity Dissertation

Eman Sinaki

Professor Kaufman

WR 201

18 December 2013

Oneness in Humanity

The culture of contest is usually rooted inside the belief that human beings are habitually self-centered and intense. Dr . Michael Karlberg in the TED Talk, " Beyond the Traditions of Contest”, expresses the myths regarding human nature that may lead to injustice in the world. He also goes on to explain how to move past the culture of competition towards a culture of cooperation. The assumptions that human beings are normally aggressive and selfish, the fact that productivity is most beneficial promoted through self-interested competition, and the concept that competition is the force behind evolution will be three common myths that prevent individuals by recognizing a more cooperative and universalistic look at. The recognition of oneness can be attained through structured organizational structures and institutions, but likewise constructive types of communities that promote cooperation and interdependence. Human beings ought to move away from the culture of contest and pay attention to to rely more upon cooperation and mutualism to create an oneness of mankind.

What assumption about human nature prevent persons from knowing a more cooperative and universalistic view? " Human relationships depend on assumptions about people, what exactly they are like and what all their nature is”, there for making it normal for individuals via cooperating and having a universalistic view (Jones 1). The culture of contest plus the culture of competition are thought to perpetuate social disparities and as a result it can create carrying on a series of discord and problems. However technology has shown that humans happen to be wired pertaining to competition and cooperation, as a result making that belief a myth. The culture of contest truly helps develop the human competition and individualistic potential, and in fact triggers our assistance and non selfish potential to deteriorate. Another fantasy or presumption that sustains the culture of tournament is the fable that efficiency, creativity, and...

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