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 Persuasive Essay

Initial Paragraph

Thesis Sentence: Women that are pregnant should not obtain abortions because it is a form of homicide, there are other options, and it can likewise form health threats for the mother.

Support for Thesis 1

Matter Sentence: Illigal baby killing is a form of murder.

Fine detail A: You are taking away an innocent life.

Depth B: Regardless of how small , it truly is still a baby.

Detail C: It is not the baby's problem that he was created.

Support for Thesis 2

Theme Sentence: There are other options besides abortion.

Details A: A mother can always choose adoption.

Fine detail B: You will find closed adoptions and wide open adoptions.

Depth C: A mother can also choose to parent the baby.

Support for Thesis 3

Topic Sentence: An abortion can cause health risks intended for the mother.

Detail A: There can be emotional side effects just like PTSD.

Details B: The procedure can prevent the mother by having children later on.

Fine detail C: The further along in the being pregnant, the riskier the procedure is usually.


Thesis Sentence (restated in different words): All in all, to acquire an child killingilligal baby killing, the mother is taking away her own child's life, and the girl with also placing herself in danger when this lady has other options accessible to her.

Grading Criteria

Consider the following criteria when producing the describe for your composition. These criteria will be utilized when this kind of assignment can be graded. 1) Outline contains a thesis statement.

2) Outline consists of a topic sentence for each with the three sentences of the body of the essay.

3) Changes between sentences are noticeable and appropriate.

4) Contains three specifics for each topic sentence; specifics provide support of the related topic sentence.

5) Summarize contains concluding sentence, which restates the thesis in various words.

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