Analysis of Cooper Thompson's Essay, We Should Reject Classic Masculinity

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 Analysis of Cooper Thompson’s Essay, We Should Reject Classic Masculinity

Wanda Li 7-15-10

In Cooper Thompson's essay, " We Should Deny Traditional Masculinity”

splits different photos of masculinity into four sections. In Pam McAllister's

composition, Reweaving the Web of Life which is a comparison viewing of strength

between women and a lion. In mastering Violence, discusses two most significant

mingling forces: homophobia and misogyny how this effect young boys. Schools and

Athletics talks about the changes in socialization occur to guys and how they will

were influence to masculinity. And last Males Will Be Boys talks about equal rights

with men and feminine that they are the same. He as well interviewed a lot of

pupils in a provincial high school about masculinity.

The traditional definition of masculinity incorporate such characteristics as

independence, satisfaction, resiliency, do it yourself control and physical power. It can be

change into qualities such as competitiveness, toughness, aggressiveness and

power. For instance , he says that the boy who also doesn't demonstrate these characteristics and

might be known as " fag”. The youngster is most likely turning into aware of having f

girly qualities. Cooper also assume that the two most significant socializing

forces within a boy's lifestyle are homophobia, the hate of gay and lesbian men and misogyny, the

hate of women and how it can damage boys.

A single new image of masculinity I thought of… is known as a man-ly character of a

men, who may have pride and power in them. When a man is proud of something

or demonstrating their status, they are assured about themselves. Such as body

builders, like they have a muscular body and is found on publications and

television making them proud because that they see themselves in the public.

One more image of masculinity is that males who have their own roles.

They are the innovator of the homes because that they support the family by

getting money back in contrast to the...

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