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Analyse' and ‘evaluate' the business strategy that M Sainsbury Limited. has pursued using either Bowman's strategic clock or Porter's Common Strategies construction.

Submission Date: 28th 04 2012

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Strategy is defined as just how an organization and individual defines its goals. The marketing strategies are modified as well as reconditioned in corporations in the hard work to survive and also prosper in an increasing strenuous and sophisticated business environment (Grant, 2010, p. 270). The strategic imperatives have got shifted toward a priority emphasis in order to build a superior capacity to reinvest the company model (Cravens, 2010, g. 20). Sainsbury mission and goal is to become the first choice of its customers when it comes to food, deliver products that happen to be of excellent quality and service available at a competitive cost through working in a simpler, faster and together. Sainsbury have made fundamental changes that have transformed the business but in the course of action the business has stayed at true to its heritage. Sainsbury passion towards food at reasonable prices and its ethical strategy have continued to be central for their success (J Sainsbury Plc, 2012).

Figure 1: Organization Strategy and Objectives


(Source: T Sainsbury Plc-a, 2012)

Accessing Sainsbury's technique using Bowman Strategic Time

The technique clock which has been coined by Cliff Bowman urged the mangers to consider competitive benefit with relation to cost edge or differentiation (figure 1). It concentrates on the price of the purchasers and their recognized value of the goods and services. It is often argued that Sainsbury follow a difference strategy while some might argue that it has used the low cost strategy. It may be however declared the organisation has used both differentiation and affordable strategy and can be termed as " stuck inside the middle” (Mantle, 2012).

Determine 1: Bowman's Strategy Time clock


(Source: Johnson, 08, p. 243)

Theories and Analysis

SWOT Analysis has been performed in order to consider the internal and exterior factors of Sainsbury (See Appendix 3). J Sainsbury has been able to tackle the challenge as it continues to be able to build the trust and can possess faith in its buyers at the most detrimental condition. But the competition is additionally intense between your top four food retailers in UK and the hard discounters. It is noted that Tesco and Asda would be the top many retailers in UK and they have extended in almost every section of the globe and this is where Sainsbury does not have and comes behind their current rivals (Mantle, 2012, p. 7). Sainsbury can try to defeat its weak spot by applying their strength and overcome it is threat by making use of the opportunity. As per the TOWS Matrix, (Appendix 6) Sainsbury contains a huge opportunity to tap the emerging nations with its diversified portfolio and with its good corporate picture. To deal with the external environment INFESTATION analysis continues to be conducted. Sainsbury needs to consider the exterior environment in order to proceed effectively and have measures from the upcoming shortfalls with respect to the exterior environment (See Appendix 2). In order to take on the problem, Sainsbury has used the policies of operating in EU and also other parts of the globe. It has joint hands with the British federal government to tackle the problem of obesity and also have pledged to slice about 5 billion calories from fat (Retail Detail, 2012).

Sainsbury has varied its business ranging from foodstuff retail to non foodstuff retail outlets and has implemented the differentiation strategy. This adds onto the advantage of Sainsbury and helps to keep up competitive edge and stay ahead of its competitors. Nevertheless at the same time Sainsbury have many competition who offer the same product (Appendix 5) which implies that the competition among the retail market is quite substantial, but Sainsbury with its main competencies and diversified stock portfolio...

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