So what do you want most in a friend?

 What do you want most in a friend? Essay

I think that all of these attributes are important. Yet , I would try some fine friend that is certainly reliable. To acquire trust in someone is the most important characteristic of a great friendship. Moreover, every person has to have a friend who can help him in a tough situation and whom he can talk to.

Only when I think you are reliable, I can ask him to do me a favor. That is an essential feature of a good comradeship. The very best friends are these who are ready to assist when I was in does not need matter the problem. These people We call authentic friends. For instance , when I out of cash my arm on a cycle trip inside the mountains, my buddies did anything they can to help and to help make it me feel at ease. That factor I will remember. From that day time on, I understand I can trust these people, and I made all of them understand that they can trust me possibly. That car accident strengthened our friendship.

A buddy is someone I can talk to, share my own experiences and get guidance. These features are common to a reliable person. I feel that after i am conversing with such a person, exactly what will be explained, will remain between us. Additionally , I am sure that he will certainly not lie to me and will produce advice that can help me. A trusted friend generally turns into a confidant. As every person needs someone to reveal his most personal encounters, I think which a reliable good friend is the best factor one can have got.

One of the most beneficial things in human's your life are friends. There are a lot of types of friends: intelligent, funny, etc ., but I think that the reliable comrade is the most treasured among all others, because he or perhaps she will regularly be ready to help me. Such sort of person could become one's closest friend, because " A friend in need is a buddy indeed".

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