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Part you:

The purpose of this experiment was going to determine the number of water in several different types of snacks. Determining how much water in the product is going to determine the probability of it swallowing. More normal water in a bit of popcorn boosts the amount of pressure accumulation when it is warmed. With the data it will be identified if more pricey popcorn means a better, very reliable popcorn. Part 2:

The purpose of this research was to create a method of distancing a mixture of fat free popcorn, sand, salt, and iron filings. Once separated the consumer parts may be divided into their particular respective percentage composition. Fresh

Part 1:

Three kernels of Orville Redenbacher company popcorn had been weighed singularly. They were every placed in fine sand contained in a beaker. The beaker was then placed on a popular plate before the popcorn sprang. The popped kernels had been reweighed, identifying the amount of weight loss due to misplaced water vapour. Lastly the results were utilized to determine percentage weight loss. Portion 2:

A beaker was weighed. It absolutely was then filled with the mix and considered. Subtracting final weight via initial supplied the initial pounds of the combination. It was stretched to separate the popcorn. The popcorn was put into the initial beaker and weighed. Its weight was deducted from the first weight in the mixture and divided by total weight to produce their percentage. The iron filings were removed with a magnetic. They were then placed into the original beaker and weighed. Dividing it by original fat provided the proportion. The salt/sand mixture was mixed with water and drained into a separate beaker that was weighed recently. The salt water was warmed until each of the water evaporated. It was then simply weighed as well as the weight of the beaker was subtracted from the weight in the beaker with the dried sodium to determine the weight of the salt. That way of measuring was after that divided by original weight of the mix to determine the...

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