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Swot Examination 16.08.2019
 Swot Research Research Paper


•The first name that relates to the mind from the people the moment someone requires about fast-food restaurant.

•The existence of other competition.


•The first Filipino fast food chain to break the P1 billion dollars sales draw in 1989.

•Became the first food service company being listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

•Acquired Greenwich Pizza in 1994.

•Employees received extensive training in order that they could understand corporate beliefs of integrity and humility.

•In 1984, Jollibee strike the P500 million product sales mark, landing in the Top rated 500 Filipino Corporations.

•In 1987, hardly 10 years in the industry Jollibee ended up into the country's Top 95 Corporations.

•In 2000, the strategic acquisition of Chowking solidified the company's situation as the dominant head.


•The rivalry between Jollibee and McDonald.

•Jollibee Foods Firm is a family-owned chain with about P6. 1 billion annual product sales. It has nevertheless captured about 52% of the Philippines industry ( compared to 16% of McDonald).

•Jollibee was reported to have used earthworms in the beef patties for many years to get buyers ‘addicted' to certain alleged chemical factors in worms.

D. Substitute course of action

Need to improve their service more in order to entice customers.

More flavor of sundae.

More branch to ascertain in and out in the country.

Elizabeth. Conclusion

We all therefore consider that the Jollibee Corporation set up a successful organization not only throughout the Philippines but as well internationally. The organization do almost all their best in order to compete in its competition. They did several strategies to be competitive.

Farreneheit. Recommendation

All of us recommend that Jollibee should offers other number of food like pasta including Carbonara, Impasto, Fettuccini, and so forth, improve their ad on television plus the facilities and services of other branches of Jollibee.

IV. Synthesis...

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