The Battle Between Nigerian Culture and Western Concepts and Customs

 The Clash Between Nigerian Culture and Western Suggestions and Customs Essay

The United kingdom took Nigeria as a colony around 1885 and in the early portion of the 1900s. In 1914, North and Southern Nigeria had been brought jointly to create one single entity called Nigeria. The British created a legislative authorities in 1922. The authorities started off generally Britains nevertheless slowly started to incorporate Traditional western educated Africans. In 1947, the Britains established a brand new form of authorities in Nigeria based on a process of 3 regions. The regions were Eastern (Ibo), Western(Yoruba), and Northern(Hausa and Fulani). They were doing this to attempt to help the regional and religious problems that was created in Nigeria, and to help make it it less difficult for all of the different ethnic groupings to company exist. Another change to it up arrived 1951 together with the input of a ministerial government, and finally concluded with independence in 1954.

The independent government has not been, however , totally self-governing. For the reason that different teams all acquired different pursuits, the English implemented several strategies to produce all of the areas happy. These types of compromises included a federal authorities that was to work with more compact regional governments. The federal government will be responsible for security, the police pressure, the terms of national trade, personalized duties, financial and financial. Healthcare, cultivation, education and economic expansion were the responsibility of the independent regional twigs. On Oct 1, 1960, Nigeria finally gained self-reliance. (Source A)

Inside the novel, Achebe portrays the confrontation among Western suggestions and Nigerian tribal customs. Some examples on this include Obi and his siblings were not allowed to eat by other people's homes when they had been little since their meals had been lost to the gods, and the are not allowed to take in anything sacrificed to the gods because we were holding Catholic. Obi's father had told the kids that the meals was " heathen" meals, which Obi felt he should present to one of the homeowners. The food concern was...

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