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Motion picture Critique (3): The Magic Worker

In other words, the Miracle Worker can be described as film in regards to a child, known as Helen, given birth to blind and deaf, who has no genuine means of communication except certain thing with her mother. The family demands a teach, Ms. Annie, with doubtful methods to make an attempt to teach Helen a means of communication. At first it is thought that all Helen offers mental deficiencies, but it is definitely soon proved to be quite the opposite; she gets a starving mind ready to learn. The only real problem is that because the members of the family had no means of interaction with her, and because they pitied her, they didn't attempt to self-discipline her and spoiled her. After several weeks of demanding tasks, Ms. Annie finally enables Sue some kind of connection, but Sue is unable to grasp the meaning from the " words” and their organizations. This is finally overcome the moment Helen and Annie will be out in the fountain and Helen, felling the water onto her hands recalls a time the moment she was very young with her mother playing and the lady " says” the words " wah-wah”. Finally, Annie has the capacity to make an escape though and have absolutely Helen that the " words” the lady had been " spelling” acquired meanings and associations; this enables Helen a new form of authentic communication.

With regards the Nature versus Nurture debate, Helen's case shows us that the two are equally important in both advancement and socialization. Nature may well have taken aside her eyesight and hearing, but it provided her different senses a lift, improved sense of smell, extra very sensitive touch' and so forth With these, as well as her extraordinary intelligence, Helen surely could make sense on the planet in which she lived, although a limited comprehension of it. Her parents pity didn't help much either, they allowed her to have whatever she wanted, when she needed it, and intensely rarely did they handle her as part of the family; often treating her being a disruptive pet. As such, her manners and socialization abilities were...

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