Their eyes are watching Goodness - Video critique

 Their eyes are watching Our god - Video critique Composition

The movie is a total depiction in the classical story by Zora Neale Hurston about a dark woman in the 1930's Sarasota. Even though the movie is developed to display the ethnic and identity crises, of the black woman and her struggle to have up the issues in continuing to move forward to reach her goal of having eternal take pleasure in, the movie mostly depicts Janie's sexy appreciate story together with the passionate sees a lot. However the background of Janie's life progression incredibly clearly narrates the have difficulties of a dark woman with individuality in achieving her ultimate psychological freedom and satisfaction. While the story shows the applicable black traditions and the suppression of a dark-colored woman in home and in society; the elevation with the character of Janie as being a person addicted for true love and emotional satisfaction, over and above the common dependency, materialistic tempting, social position and acknowledgement, joy and jealousies in different phases of her life during her journey with three your life partners.

Janie's first matrimony was prepared and performed by her well-intentioned grandmother, Nanny. During her marriage with Logan kellicks – Janie experience a great suppression and believed chafered with Logan. Logan is a player and is a typical black person demanding complete suppression of her wife's individuality and forces her to live with no empathy to her feelings and emotions. He even went to the extreme of killing her for not obliging him. A black women's misery is not just seen in the society – even in her own house the conditions of extreme suppression and dominance common in our home in the black society. The movie extremely showed similar. Halle Berry's naked emotional picturization was greatly captured in every frame of the motion picture

Janie's life turned for a elegant and over ambitious Joe Starks, the mayor of Eaton ville, the black city of Florida – after getting out Logan. Joe is a common person with his own notion, definition and control on his woman...

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