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Organizational Profile: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is a largest retailer in the world. The positioning Wal-Mart holds gives the business a large responsibility to contribute to the community that supports the shops. As an organization Wal-Mart owes its success towards the stake cases of their business. Wal-Mart needs the community to keep business procedures, Trevino and Nelson suggest that " an important stakeholder in operation must be the communities which corporations and also other organizations certainly are a part” (2011). Wal-Mart must consider the city happiness with the business decisions to remain successful. Wal-Mart provides back to the community in several techniques including charitable contributions to charitable foundations through offering affordable grocery good to insolvent areas. Relating to Feedingamerica. org Wal-Mart gave " $2 , 000, 000 donation to aid food banking institutions save money on their very own energy bills” (2011). The donation allowed 16 meals banks to improve their efficiency and provide even more services for the community for the similar amount of funding. Wal-Mart has also received the " MOWAA Corporate and business Friend in the Year” (Meals on Wheels Association, 2012) merit for its charite to the business. Wal-Mart has proven it contributes to the communities this supports. The contributions, in comparison to Wal-Marts every year profit, of " $16, 389 mil in FY2011” (Datamonitor, 2011, p. 4) seem small. The true evaluation of adequacy of Wal-Marts contribution to the communities this operates in will be if it can easily remain in business for the long term. In respect to " Paymar Communications”, " Wal-Mart also has been dealing with a major alteration and doing itself to progressive procedures in the realm of corporate interpersonal responsibility, particularly when it comes to the merchandise it provides and significant efforts to promote energy conservation” (2010, paragraph two). Wal-Mart, as the most important retail store inside the United Sates, has a cultural responsibility to supply quality goods to the consumers. In 2010,...

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