"White Heliotrope”

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Symons starts his composition " Light Heliotrope” while using clinical pictures of a " feverish room” and " that white-colored bed”. The personification with the room suggests an immoral lifestyle has become led. White-colored is normally linked to purity even so its juxtaposition with feverish diminishes along with; moreover, the monosyllabic " and that white bed” units a threatening atmosphere and can indicate the bed as being the supply of this decadent lifestyle. The regular ‘abba' rhyme scheme which usually runs over the poem indicates that this way of life will not modify.

The images of the " hair-pins, puffs and paints” provide a impression of the materialistic and, the moment connected with the of the " tumbled skirt”, the promiscuous personality from the protagonist. The very fact that the plosives are located at the end with the first stanza helps to emphasise their importance in the protagonist's lifestyle.

The personification continues in the second stanza where the " mirror that has sucked your face”. Similarly the reflection could indicate the how the protagonist has rebelled resistant to the conventions of society; the onomatopoeic " sucked” advises a more unexpected and speedy change. Yet , the sibilance seen in the phrases " mysteriously keeps” and the " secret profound of deeps” imply how these memories still exist in the back and could show that the previous personality of the protagonist is actually underlying and may return.

The theme of storage runs throughout the poem; at the end of the second stanza, Symons writes regarding " Overlooked memories of grace” while at the end of the fourth stanza he publishes articles " Can rise, a ghost of memory”. The previous is storage as prior specific experience, yet the other treats memory space as a concept.

The scent of " White colored Heliotrope” could therefore stand for the wrong, sinful wants; the looking glass with its " deep of deeps” contains these " ghosts of memory”. The conclusion to the poem is quite bad, amplified by the use of " dread” and " ghosts”. It could be...

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