п»їAn Research of the Correlation between

Employees' Job Pleasure and Market Variables

During the last decades, task satisfaction has been identified as the major research traditions in company psychology. Job satisfaction can easily significantly effect the company because job satisfaction can absolutely affect staff commitment and working performance, which will identify the overall achievement and development of the company (Feinstein, 2000). Empirical research has proven that there are particular variables which might play a significant role in mediating task satisfaction in the workplace. The factors affecting employee job satisfaction include the personal traits of people, job scope, and firm characteristics. (Glisson and Durick, 1998). Study regarding the relationship between length of services and task satisfaction parameters remains being among the most promising of these studies (Kirk, 2003). Different demographic variables to consider include age group, gender and nationality. Several studies (e. g., Beutell and Brenner, 1986; Cherrington, 1977; Wijting, Arnold, and Conrad, 1978; Gomez-Mejia, 1983; Griffin and Bateman, 1986) indicated the particular demographic variables (gender, age group, education, period of service and nationality) have an effect on work values, which are linked to job fulfillment and determination to a certain extent. There are also studies that tackled the matter from another perspective, which in turn reported there is a correlation between job satisfaction and performance (Herzberg, Mausner, Peterson & Capwell, 1957). According to Bedian, Ferris and Kacmar (1992), grow older and task satisfaction will be positively related because a mature employee should be able to hold a better position and obtain a higher income since they are more knowledgeable, thus thus, making them more satisfied than young employee. Besides age, the correlation among gender differences and task satisfaction are also widely researched. Witt and Nye (1992) suggested that there is no relationship between the male or female differences plus the job satisfaction. In addition , Kirk (2003) has additionally proposed that there will be significant relationship between the length of service and work satisfaction, yet there is no decisive evidence which a longer period of service means a higher work satisfaction. The present study aimed to investigate their education to which employees' demographic parameters are linked to their standard of job pleasure at work. Based on the literature review, it was hypothesised that age is usually positively associated with job pleasure among the staff. Similarly, it was also hypothesised that the length of service is usually positively linked to job satisfaction. From the exploration examined, it had been anticipated that gender big difference and nationality does not have any correlation with job satisfaction. Strategies


A total number of 40 employees, who are currently employed in the marketing department of an international company called Singapore International Step of Commerce, took portion in the survey conducted for the purpose of the research. Away of these 35 participants, fifty percent of them had been men together with the remaining 50% were female. The sample has an a long time from 18 to 48 years old having a mean age of 29. 63 (SD = 9. 13). In term of nationality, there were 12-15 Australians, a few Singaporeans, a few New Zealand, 2 Irish, 1 Southern region African, one particular German and 1 English. All participants completed the questionnaire voluntarily with no remuneration.


The questionnaire contained two parts: The Job Adequate Survey and a Market Data Piece. The 3-item Job Adequate Survey was constructed to measure the overall job pleasure of the individuals. It was designed to assess all their level of job satisfaction to three areas: their job, scope of and working in the current organization. The members were asked to level their overall level of work satisfaction based upon the three questions on a 7-point Likert scale from one particular (Extremely Dissatisfied) to six...

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